Psalms 119:11

Dear friends, families & skaters,

My name is Thomas Mitchell and I am the owner of Super Wheels Miami LLC. I have been in the skating business here in South Florida since 1977 with the Super Skating Centers, then Marketing & Operations as Hot Wheels Skating Center (same location as Super Wheels) and for the past 23 years, owner of Super Wheels.

Yes Super Wheels is closing at this location. We will be putting our Iconic brand on hold,.. our final skating sessions at this location was Saturday, December 30th, 2023. 

With the tremendous outpour from our community, the new owners take possession on January 1st, 2024 and will take roller skating to a new era, If you want to book a field trip, Birthday Party or buy tickets to skate, you may visit their new website… www.miamirollerrink.com

Please keep this link in your browser alive as we start to post historic pictures and announce new facilities as they open all around South Florida. Ever since the early days as a patron of the Suniland Rink to driving my Giant Skate Car back in 1977… skating has been my life. I promise that everything I can do to see this continue here in Miami.I appreciate the love and support thru the years and ever so important, during this transition. Never let your skates get dusty… continue to keep on rollin’!!!