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In colaboration with Super Wheels Skating center we love to see children with talent sing their hearts out and experience the compassion and love that is heard from a cheering crowd. That is why we have combined forces to bring this incredible event to the Super Wheels Stage. Thursday July 26, 2018 the stage is all yours, Join us as we pick up the mics and give you the opportunity to show everyone what you got!!!! Streaming Live on Miamigo.tv and in person at Super Wheels Skating Center. For more details and information contact us. 

Mark your calendars for Thursday July 26,2018 as Rockstar101 takes the stage to hear you sing your skates off. Battle of the Bands, Rock out the Super Wheels Stage with us. #talent #music #fun #skating #allages #teenparty Find out more

RockStar noun rŏk-stär: 1. A confident person that always tries their best and affects positive change in the world, regardless of situation or circumstance   2. One that does the right thing, even when no one is watching  3. One who strives to leave a legacy that is good, right and real
< Ethan helps grandma clean her house every Saturday…that boy is a RockStar! >

MISSION: RockStar 101’s mission is to empower children of all ages with and through the use of the universal language: music. Through self-expression, our programs help build good and strong character by instilling confidence, teamwork and the importance of legacy, all in a high-energy FUN atmosphere…by emphasizing to children that their voice matters, and assisting them to ensure they are heard; ultimately, helping them become Rockstars on the stage of life!